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    Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal

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    It’s time to go … east

    Eastbound expansion of Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo’s joint business agreement brings Europe closer to Hong Kong

    Cathay Pacific announcement - Acquisition of Hong Kong Express Airways Limited

    Cathay Pacific announces 2018 Annual Results

    Please click here to read Cathay Pacific Group Annual Results 2018.

    Freshness guaranteed by Cathay Pacific

    Cathay Pacific Services Limited recognised for perishables handling; world’s first to receive IATA CEIV Fresh certification


    Enhancement on Cathay Pacific Cargo e-Booking – Auto-Confirmation for Allotment Booking

    Dear Customers,

    Please note that an enhancement on allotment bookings created through cathaypacificcargo.com / ezycargo.com has been introduced.

    E-booking customers can now create allotment booking with auto-confirmation function in an even more hassle-free manner. For details of this enhancement for e-booking, kindly contact your local Cathay Pacific Cargo Sales Representative. 

    For appointed agents who would like to sign up for our e-booking services, please do not hesitate to contact Cathay Pacific Cargo Sales Representative in your region. 

    When Cathay Pacific meets Seattle … every day

    Terrific Tokushima makes it 10!

    Hong Kong hub strengthens with new Cathay Pacific Group services to Davao City and Medan













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